Past Days (Archive)


From Under the Mistletoe (part 2)

Graphic: Danilo Rizzuti
Georgia runs up to me, “Oh Jan, look! Isn’t it divine?” She flings her wrist that now has a blinding diamond bracelet (from her pseudo sugar daddy). I smile and nod to give my girlfriend approval. I look around the cast of red, green and white costumed characters but still no him. Mel sides pass GA under the mistletoe with me. We both look up at the mistletoe. Mel giggles. “I am not kissing you,” I abruptly say. “Oh why not?” Mel asks. Mel leans in to go for a kiss. “You are cute and all but…,” I answer as I back away. She falls forward and hug attack me. I sorta do that half hug back thing. “Oh. Where is Kyle anyways?” Mel inquires. “He is still coming isn’t he?” GA adds. I unconvincingly say, “He texted that is on his way”.  “Yea but that was an hour ago,” GA reminds me. “I know,” I mumble. I down more eggnog. I hope that it is spiked well. 

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